Montes de Oca, Confucio (1896–1925)

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Montes de Oca, Confucio (1896–1925)

Confucio Montes de Oca (b. 1896; d. 1925), Honduran painter of the Generation of '20. Montes de Oca painted scenes of his native La Ceiba. Largely self-taught, his paintings of the tropical scenes of the north coast of Honduras were especially noteworthy. In 1919 he went to Paris, where he perfected his style, and in 1921 his best-known painting, The Blacksmith, won international acclaim. In the same year he moved to Rome, where his romantic paintings of both urban and rural scenes were recognized for their beauty, harmony of forms, and forceful use of color. In Italy his style became more impressionistic with little trace of his early Honduran style remaining. In 1925 he returned to Honduras, but died two months after his arrival there. His brother, Zoroastro Montes de Oca (b. 1893), who survived him, was also a popular painter in Tegucigalpa, but he never received the international recognition of Confucio.

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Montes de Oca, Confucio (1896–1925)

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