Miró Cardona, José (1907–1974)

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Miró Cardona, José (1907–1974)

José Miró Cardona (b. 28 July 1907; d. 10 August 1974), Cuban political leader, lawyer, and professor. Miró Cardona graduated from the University of Havana Law School in 1938. He held numerous positions throughout his life, including chief of the archives of the Liberation Army, librarian of the National Institute of Criminology in Havana, professor of penal law and dean of the law school at the University of Havana, secretary of the Democratic Revolutionary Front, and professor of penal law at the University of Río Piedras in Puerto Rico.

In 1959 he became the first prime minister in the revolutionary government and was Cuba's ambassador to Spain in 1960. He subsequently broke with the Castro regime and became president (1961–1963) of the Cuban Revolutionary Council in Miami, which helped prepare the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961.

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