Mironov, Boris N(ikolaevich) 1942-

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MIRONOV, Boris N(ikolaevich) 1942-


Born September 21, 1942, in Saratov, U.S.S.R. (now Russia); son of Nikolai A. and Nina Ia. Mironov; married, 1974; wife's name Irina M. Ethnicity: "Russian." Education: St. Petersburg State University, 1959-65, Ph.D., 1984; Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D., 1969.


Home—Chekhova 3-36, St. Petersburg 191704, Russia. Office—St. Petersburg Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences, Petrozavodskaia 7, St. Petersburg 197110, Russia; fax: 812-235-6485. E-mail—[email protected].


Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg Institute of History, St. Petersburg, Russia, junior research fellow, 1970-83, senior research fellow, 1983-86, leading research fellow, 1986—. St. Petersburg State University, assistant professor, 1974-83, associate professor, 1983-89, professor, 1990—.


American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.


Istorik i matematika (title means "The Historian and Mathematics"), Nauka, 1975.

Vnutrenniæi rynok Rossii vo vtoroæi polovine (title means "The Internal Market in Russia"), Nauka, 1981.

Istorik i soëtìsiologiëiìa (title means "The Historian and Sociology"), Nauka, 1984.

Khlebnye ëtìseny v Rossii za dva stoletiëiìa (title means "Grain Prices in Russia"), Nauka, 1985.

Russkiæi gorod v 1740-1860-e gody: demograficheskoe, soëtìsial§noe i çekonomicheskoe razvitie (title means "Russian Cities, 1740-1870"), Nauka, 1990.

Istoriëiìa v ëtìsifrakh (title means "History in Figures"), Nauka, 1991.

Soëtìsial§naëiìa istoriëiìa Rossii perioda imperii— XVIII-nachalo XX, D. Bulanin (St. Peterburg, Russia), 1999, translation by Ben Eklof published as The Social History of Imperial Russia, 1700-1917, Westview Press (Boulder, CO), 2000.


Research for An Anthropometric History of Russia for Three Centuries, completion expected in 2006.