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Mirocha, Paul


Born in St. Paul, MN; married; wife's name Stina; children: Anna, Claire.


Home—Tucson, AZ. Office—425 E. 17th St., Tucson, AZ 85701. Agent—The Wiley Group, 1535 Green St., Ste. 301, San Francisco, CA 94123. E-mail—[email protected]


Illustrator and designer. Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona, Tucson, graphic designer for thirteen years; full-time illustrator, 1990—.

Awards, Honors

Illustration prize, National Design Art Marker Contest, Eberhard Faber, 1980; John Burroughs Award for Best Natural History Book of 1986, (with Gary Paul Nabhan), for Gathering the Desert; Certificate of Merit for Illustrations, Art Directors Club of New York, 65th Annual show, 1985; Arizona Humanities Council grant, 1989; Gold Medal for design, Arizona Press Club, 1991; Publication Design Merit Award, American Association of Museums, 1992; Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children, National Science Teachers Association/ Children's Book Council, 1992, for Moon of the Wild Pigs; Bronze Award, Dimensional Illustrators Awards Show, 1995; MPBA/Benjamin Franklin Award for Science and the Environment, 1997, for The Forgotten Pollinators; Artist's Project Award, Arizona Commission on the Arts, 1998; Tucson/Pima Arts Council grant, 1999; Skipping Stones Honor Award for ecological and multicultural awareness, and special recognition for Patterson Prize for Books for Young People, 2008, both for The Bee Tree.



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Contributor to The Very Best of Children's Illustration, Society of Illustrators. Also illustrator of book covers, maps, and catalogues.


Paul Mirocha often illustrates children's books that examine environmental themes. "I'm fascinated by the world's infinite detail, so my style is naturally realistic," the artist remarked on his home page. Mirocha provided the illustrations for Melvin Berger's Oil Spill!, which depicts the causes and effects of these ecological disasters. "Subtle in texture and deep in tone, the colorful artwork effectively illustrates marine animals and oil tankers," observed Booklist reviewer Carolyn Phelan. In The Forgotten Pollinators, Stephen L. Buchmann and Gary Paul Nabhan look at one of the key roles that bees, moths, and bats play in the ecosystem. According to a Publishers Weekly critic, "This important addition to the environmental bookshelf is enlivened by Mirocha's delightful drawings."

Diana Cohn examines the life of eighteenth-century German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a man who had a keen interest in the natural world, in Mr. Goethe's Garden. In Childhood Education, Michele Litster praised Mirocha's "breathtaking illustrations," and added, "His vibrant watercolors work beautifully alongside the text." Set in Malayasia, The Bee Tree, an award-winning work by Buchmann and Diana Cohn, focuses on traditional hunters Pak Teh and his grandson, Nizam.

To harvest honeycombs, the pair must climb the tualang, a 120-foot-tall tree in which the bees have nested. A critic in Kirkus Reviews applauded Mirocha's "wondrous double-spread paintings," and Kathy Piehl, writing in School Library Journal, noted that the artist's "illustrations incorporate details of Malaysian culture and the lush landscape of the rainforest."

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