Lavista, Mario (1943–)

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Lavista, Mario (1943–)

Mario Lavista, born on April 3, 1943, is a Mexican composer, editor, and administrator. Lavista was among the talented group of young musicians who in the 1960s matriculated at the Carlos Chávez composition workshop in the National Conservatory of Mexico. Others were Eduardo Mata and Hector Quintinar, the latter also one of Lavista's teachers. Study with leaders of Europe's avant garde—Karlheinz Stockhausen, György Ligeti, and Iannis Xenakis—and his own pioneering creative impulses led Lavista to discoveries of new sonorities coaxed from traditional instruments; however, he has not eschewed electronic sound synthesis, which he studied in Japan. Lavista has taught theory and composition at the National Conservatory, edited the music journal Pauta, and headed the music section of the National Council for Culture and the Arts. In 1991 he won the Premio Nacional de Artes y Ciencias and the Medalla Mozart.

See alsoMata, Eduardo; Music: Art Music; Quintanar, Héctor.


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Lavista, Mario (1943–)

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