Jiménez Moreno, Wigberto (1909–1985)

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Jiménez Moreno, Wigberto (1909–1985)

Wigberto Jiménez Moreno (December 29, 1909–April 24, 1985), the renowned Mexican historian, geographer, anthropologist, and archaeologist, was born in León, Guanajuato. In 1938 Jiménez Moreno discovered the old city of Tula and uncovered its role as the Toltec capital. He went on to serve as the director of the National School of Anthropology and History and held numerous positions at the National Museum of Archaeology, History, and Ethnography. His legacy remains alive in the Wigberto Jiménez Moreno Library in his hometown of León, to which he donated more than forty thousand titles on the anthropology, ethnography, and history of Mexico.

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Jiménez Moreno, Wigberto (1909–1985)

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