Jiménez Oreamuno, Manuel de Jesús (1854–1916)

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Jiménez Oreamuno, Manuel de Jesús (1854–1916)

Manuel de Jesús Jiménez Oreamuno, the Costa Rican historian and writer about local customs and manners, was a member of one of the most distinguished political families in the country. He was born in Cartago on June 16, 1854, son of Jesús Jiménez Zamora (the three-time president of Costa Rica, and foreign secretarty from 1859 to 1860) and grandson of Francisco Maria Oreamuno, also president of the republic for two short terms (in 1844 and 1856). He was the brother of Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno, the most influential Costa Rican politician during the first decades of the twentieth century and the only person who has been appointed head of the three powers of the state.

Jiménez Oreamuno was president of the Cartago municipality (1883–1885); congressman in four legislative periods (1886–1888; 1892–1894; 1910–1914; 1914–1916); secretary of foreign affairs (1888–1889; 1903); presidential candidate (1894); and secretary of both treasury and commerce (1902–1904). From 1904 to 1906 he represented Costa Rica as chargé d'affaires and general consul in El Salvador. From 1910 to 1914 he was first designate to the presidency. He died in Alajuela February 25, 1916.

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Jiménez Oreamuno published many historical stories that were collected into two volumes titled Noticias de antaño (News from Yesteryear).

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Jiménez Oreamuno, Manuel de Jesús (1854–1916)

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