Hertzog Garaizabal, Enrique (1897–1981)

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Hertzog Garaizabal, Enrique (1897–1981)

Enrique Hertzog Garaizabal (b. 10 November 1897; d. 31 July 1981), Bolivian physician and politician, president of Bolivia (March 1947–October 1949). Hertzog, a native of La Paz, served as cabinet minister three times during the presidency of Daniel Salamanca. In the 1947 election Hertzog and his vice president, Mamerto Urriolagoitía, served as standard-bearers of the reconstituted Partido Unión Republicana Socialista. From the beginning of his administration, Hertzog faced severe labor unrest and a vocal political opposition. Concluding that his astute and tough-minded vice president was more adept in achieving results, Hertzog voluntarily left the office to Urriolagoitía, who completed the term in May 1951. Yet during Hertzog's two years in office, his government achieved improvements in education, social services, and communications. Hertzog returned to private life with the reputation of a dedicated citizen. He died in Buenos Aires.

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Hertzog Garaizabal, Enrique (1897–1981)

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