Henríquez y Carvajal, Francisco (1859–1935)

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Henríquez y Carvajal, Francisco (1859–1935)

Francisco Henríquez y Carvajal (b. 14 January 1859; d. 1935), provisional president of the Dominican Republic (1916). After the U.S. Marines invaded the Dominican Republic in 1916, Washington was unwilling to allow direct rule. The Dominican Congress reacted by meeting in secrecy and selecting Francisco Henríquez y Carvajal as provisional president. The United States was willing to allow Henríquez y Carvajal to take power under the conditions it determined. Unwilling to become a puppet of the United States, Henríquez y Carvajal resigned and left the country in November 1916. The Dominican Congress was dissolved and the United States imposed martial law by the occupying marines. These conditions prevailed until the marines were withdrawn in 1924.

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Henríquez y Carvajal, Francisco (1859–1935)

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