Geneva Peace Conference (1973)

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Conference called by the United Nations after the ArabIsrael War of 1973.

The 22 December 1973 conference was convened in Geneva, Switzerland, in accordance with United Nations Security Council resolution 338. Its purpose was to settle issues that led to or arose from the ArabIsrael War of 1973. Of the Arab states, Egypt and Jordan participated, but Syria did not. Palestinian representatives were not invited to the opening session. After the opening speeches and ceremony, the conference adjourned and never re-convened. Israel had been reluctant to participate in multiparty conferences where pressures might be exerted for withdrawal from occupied territories and other steps it opposes. Disengagement agreements were signed in 1974 ending the war between Israel and Egypt and between Israel and Syria.

See also ArabIsrael War (1973).


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Geneva Peace Conference (1973)

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