Estrada, José Dolores (1792–1869)

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Estrada, José Dolores (1792–1869)

José Dolores Estrada (b. 16 March 1792; d. 12 August 1869), Nicaraguan general and hero of San Jacinto. Born in Nandaime to an agricultural family descended from the Gonzalo de Sandoval group of conquistadores, Estrada showed an affinity for the military at an early age. During the independence movement, Estrada accompanied Argüello but achieved real fame only decades later, when he led a dramatic victory against the filibuster forces of William Walker and Byron Cole. The battle of San Jacinto (14 September 1856) was fought on an old hacienda near Tipitapa. There 160 men led by Estrada barricaded themselves in the house and fought the North Americans bravely. Their successful effort convinced other Central Americans that Walker could indeed be beaten, and Estrada and his forces quickly became symbols of nationalism and patriotism.

See alsoSan Jacinto, Battle of; Walker, William.


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Estrada, José Dolores (1792–1869)

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