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1. A habit or characteristic of the English; a policy pursued or favoured by, or typical of, the English: ‘An Englishism which foreigners note’ (Indian Daily News, 2 Oct. 1879).

2. An English-language WORD or other USAGE, occurring in another language: ‘Whether in France or in French Canada, whether in Hebrew or in Yiddish, whether in Spain or in Spanish America, whether in Hindi, Indonesian, or Swahili—in every area and language the impact of English must be watched and regulated. At times the influence is disguised as “internationalisms,” “Europeanisms,” or “Westernisms,” but in actuality it is more likely to be Englishisms than anything else’ ( Joshua A. Fishman, ‘Sociology of English as an Additional Language’, in Kachru (ed.), The Other Tongue, 1982). See ANGLICISM.