Delgado Chalbaud, Carlos (1909–1950)

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Delgado Chalbaud, Carlos (1909–1950)

Carlos Delgado Chalbaud (b. 20 January 1909; d. 13 November 1950), president of Venezuela's military junta (1948–1950). Son of a famous Venezuelan general, Delgado received a degree in military engineering in France. Upon his return to Venezuela, he entered the army and rose rapidly in the officer ranks. From 1945 to 1948 he served as a member of the revolutionary junta and as war minister. After the 1948 military coup, Delgado, now a lieutenant colonel, served as president of the military junta until his assassination in 1950. One of the best-educated Venezuelan military men of his generation, he was regarded as a voice of political moderation among his army colleagues.


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