Cuervo, Rufino José (1844–1911)

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Cuervo, Rufino José (1844–1911)

Rufino José Cuervo (b. 19 September 1844; d. 17 July 1911), Colombian philologist. Rufino José Cuervo, born in Bogotá, was largely self-taught in his various specialties, which spanned ancient and modern languages and literature, including Native American tongues and American Spanish dialects. Among his earlier works are Apuntaciones críticas sobre el lenguaje bogotano (1867–1872) and Gramática de la lengua latina (1876), a Latin grammar he wrote with Miguel Antonio Caro. Cuervo traveled extensively in Europe, and after 1882 settled permanently in Paris, where he taught at the Sor-bonne and contributed to European specialized journals. He also produced, in collaboration with his brother Ángel, a historically important life of their father, Vida de Rufino Cuervo y noticias de su época (1946). Cuervo also undertook a massive Diccionario de construcción y régimen de la lengua castellana (1886–1893), which he completed only to the letter D.

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