Cue Cánovas, Agustín (1913–1971)

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Cue Cánovas, Agustín (1913–1971)

Mexican historian and academic Agustín Cue Cánovas (August 28, 1913–April 23, 1971) was born in Villahermosa, Tabasco. He graduated with a law degree but never practiced law. He began teaching at the Higher Normal School and the National Teachers School in Mexico City, and later at the National School of Economics and National School of Political Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He became director of the Cultural Institutes of Mexico-Cuba and Mexico-Rumania. Politically active on the left, he ran as a candidate for congress on the Popular Socialist Party (PPS) ticket. Given his political interests, he also wrote for many newspapers, including El Día, El Popular, and El Universal. He has been described as belonging to a new wave of historians, and became a close friend of Ernesto de la Torre Villar, a leading figure of his generation. De la Torre Villar describes Cánovas's historical contributions as focused on revisionist interpretations which can be linked to universal developments.

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