Cos Y Pérez, José María (?–1819)

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Cos Y Pérez, José María (?–1819)

José María Cos y Pérez (d. November 1819), Mexican insurgent ideologue. Born in Zacatecas, he studied in Guadalajara, where he entered the Seminario Tridentino. A doctor of theology, he opposed the insurrection in 1810. When suspected of sedition, he joined Ignacio López Rayón (1773–1832) and became a writer and ideologue for the insurgency. In 1812 he wrote the Plan de paz y plan de guerra, and published the insurgent papers Ilustrador Nacional and Ilustrador Americano. He served as vicar general of the army and deputy for Zacatecas in the insurgent Congress. A signer of the Constitution of Apatzingán (1814), he became a member of the executive branch. When Congress reprimanded him for directing troops while serving in the executive, he disavowed that body in 1815. Although first condemned to death and later to life imprisonment, he was released by Rayón and later received amnesty from the colonial regime in 1817. He died in Pátzcuaro.

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