Carballo, Aida (1916–1985)

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Carballo, Aida (1916–1985)

Aida Carballo (b. 1916; d. 19 April 1985), Argentine printmaker, illustrator, and ceramist. Carballo studied in Buenos Aires at the Prilidiano Pueyrredón School of Fine Arts, at the Ceramics National School, and at the De la Cárcova School of Fine Arts. In 1959 the French government awarded her a grant to study in Paris. She also studied engraving and drawing in Madrid and Barcelona. Her engravings describe Buenos Aires life in its rich local color. Carballo's use of engraving, instead of the popular industrial materials of the period, made her work the center of critique by other Modernist artists. The majority of her works include autobiographical themes and self-portraiture though they also include portraits of suburban landscapes largely featuring female images and heterosexual erotica. She produced work of marked linear accent, which has a haunting, overwhelming effect, presenting a complex, ironic vision of the contemporary world.

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