Campos, Francisco Luiz da Silva (1891–1968)

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Campos, Francisco Luiz da Silva (1891–1968)

Francisco Luiz da Silva Campos (b. 18 November 1891; d. 1 November 1968), Brazilian presidential adviser. The son of Jacinto Alves da Silva Campos and Azejúlia de Souza e Silva, Campos was born in Dores de Indaiá, Minas Gerais. A lawyer, politician, and educator, he married Lavinia Ferreira da Silva, with whom he had two children. The couple eventually separated; later he lived with Margarita Leite.

As an educator, Campos was a professor at the Faculty of Law in his home state and a tenured professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. As a politician he held various posts, including state legislator, federal legislator, secretary of the interior for the state of Minas Gerais, and mayor of Belo Horizonte. He was also a leader in the Liberal Alliance, which supported the presidential candidacy of Getúlio Vargas, a movement that culminated in the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1930.

As the country's first minister of health and education (1930–1932), Campos reformed the training procedures for primary school teachers and established a federal university educational system. He wrote a number of works on education, including Educação e cultura (1940). As a jurist, Campos authored case studies and opinions that still appear in constitutional, administrative, and civil law texts.

In 1932, as Vargas's interim minister of justice, Campos had a great impact on the implantation of the Estado Novo (New State) program and authored the 1937 Estado Novo charter, in which many corporatist features were outlined. In addition, he was the main author of the Institutional Act No. 1, which juridically incorporated the revolution in the spring of 1964. He died in Belo Horizonte in 1968.

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Campos, Francisco Luiz da Silva (1891–1968)

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