Campos, Manuel Jorge (1847–1908)

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Campos, Manuel Jorge (1847–1908)

Manuel Jorge Campos (b. 22 April 1847; d. 15 December 1908), Argentine general who led troops in support of the Radical Party rebellion against President Miguel Juárez Celman in July 1890. Born in Buenos Aires, Campos was a career military officer who saw service in the War of the Triple Alliance, fought to support the national government against regional caudillos, and served with General Julio Roca in campaigns to conquer the Indians of Argentina's southern plains.

In 1890 the leader of the Radical Party, Leandro Alem, sought assistance from expresident Bartolomé Mitre and General Campos in a revolt against the Conservative president. Campos led his troops in a desultory fashion while Mitre negotiated the resignation of the president and the assumption of Vice President Carlos Pellegrini, a compromise that angered Alem. In 1892 Campos became the chief of police in the federal capital, and he later served as a senator, then a national deputy, in Congress.

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David Rock, Argentina, 1516–1987: From Spanish Colonization to Alfonsín (1987), provides a good description of the revolt of 1890 within the framework of the development of middle-class politics. For more on Campos's participation in the revolt, see Douglas W. Richmond, Carlos Pellegrini and the Crisis of the Argentine Elites, 1880–1916 (1989), esp. pp. 42-44.

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Campos, Manuel Jorge (1847–1908)

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