Brañas Guerra, César (1899–1976)

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Brañas Guerra, César (1899–1976)

César Brañas Guerra (b. 13 December 1899; d. 22 February 1976), Guatemalan poet, journalist, and writer, and one of the founders of the influential Guatemalan daily El Imparcial (1922–1985). Born in Antigua, Brañas was the best-known of a family of important literary figures. His father was an immigrant from Galicia and his mother a schoolteacher in Antigua. His prolific output of poetry, novels, historical works, and critical essays was highly influential in mid-twentieth-century Guatemala. Like Miguel Ángel Asturias, he contributed to a social consciousness among the Guatemalan intelligentsia. His large library, a part of the University of San Carlos, is especially useful for study of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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Brañas Guerra, César (1899–1976)

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