Bouchard, Hipólito (1783–1837)

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Bouchard, Hipólito (1783–1837)

Hipólito Bouchard (b. 13 August 1783; d. 5 January 1837), naval hero of Argentine independence. Born in France, Bouchard had been active in his country's merchant marine and in privateering by the time he reached Buenos Aires in 1809. There he stayed, and after the May Revolution of 1810 he was one of the cadre of foreign sailors who gave the Argentine patriots a respectable naval force, especially for corsair operations. Bouchard was naturalized as an Argentine citizen in 1813. He sailed with Admiral Guillermo Brown to the Pacific in 1815 and starting in 1817 commanded the frigate Argentina on a privateering voyage that took it around the world. He was a member of the expedition in 1820 that carried José de San Martín to Peru. Thereafter he continued serving Peru, where he acquired a sugar estate and spent the last part of his life as hacendado.

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Bouchard, Hipólito (1783–1837)

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