Beruti, Antonio Luis (1772–1841)

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Beruti, Antonio Luis (1772–1841)

Antonio Luis Beruti (b. 2 September 1772; d. 3 October 1841), military officer in the struggle for Argentine independence. Born in Buenos Aires, Beruti studied in Spain but even before the 1810 revolution was involved with other creole patriots in conspiracy against the colonial regime. He became a strong supporter of the May Revolution of 1810 and of Mariano Moreno against rival revolutionary factions. Beruti held military positions in both Buenos Aires and the interior and accompanied José de San Martín in his crossing of the Andes in 1817. After independence he was an active Unitarist and opponent of the dictatorship of Juan Manuel de Rosas. As such he took part in the civil wars against Rosas, and following the Unitarists' defeat at Rodeo del Medio, Mendoza, in September 1841, he suffered an attack of delirium from which he soon died.

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Beruti, Antonio Luis (1772–1841)

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