Batres Juarros, Luis (1802–1862)

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Batres Juarros, Luis (1802–1862)

Luis Batres Juarros (b. 7 May 1802; d. 17 June 1862), Guatemalan politician and businessman. Born in Guatemala City, Batres Juarros received a law degree from San Carlos University in 1823. He fought against Francisco Morazán in the civil war and then immigrated to the United States for a time. After 1839 he became a very important figure among supporters of the Guatemalan conservative regime. He served several terms as a representative in Congress and was a minister of war, of finance, and of the interior. He also held the positions of mayor of Guatemala City (1845), state advisor, and attaché to the consulate of commerce. He played a key role in the drafting of the Constitution of the Republic in 1851, reorganized the mint, and defended the re-establishment of the Jesuits in 1851.

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Batres Juarros, Luis (1802–1862)

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