Baquíjano y Carrillo de Córdoba, José de (1751–1817)

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Baquíjano y Carrillo de Córdoba, José de (1751–1817)

José de Baquíjano y Carrillo de Córdoba (b. 13 March 1751; d. 24 January 1817), Peruvian intellectual, educator, and high court judge. The precocious and ambitious son of a wealthy, titled family in Lima, Baquíjano obtained a doctorate in canon law from Lima's University of San Marcos at the age of fourteen. After an unsuccessful trip to Spain seeking a high court (audiencia) appointment (1773–1776), he returned to Lima and in 1778 joined the faculty at San Marcos.

In 1781 Baquíjano delivered the university's welcoming eulogy for Viceroy Augustín de Jáuregui. Royal censure of the published text, replete with references to prohibited literature, was followed by unsuccessful efforts to win either the rectorship of San Marcos or the senior chair of civil law.

Baquíjano's fortunes improved in the 1790s. He wrote articles for the Mercurio peruano, secured the senior chair in canon law at San Marcos, and again set off for Spain to pursue an appointment to Lima's audiencia.

Persistence paid off. After being named a criminal judge on the Lima court in 1797, an unusual accomplishment for a native son at the time, Baquíjano advanced to the civil chamber in 1806. Although he was named to the Council of State by the Cortes of Cádiz in February 1812, Baquíjano was never seated. By the time he reached Spain, Ferdinand VII had returned and nullified the Cortes' actions. Baquíjano died in Seville, still loyal to the Spanish monarchy.

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                                        Mark A. Burkholder

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Baquíjano y Carrillo de Córdoba, José de (1751–1817)

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