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wrap / rap/ • v. (wrapped, wrap·ping) 1. [tr.] cover or enclose (someone or something) in paper or soft material: he wrapped the Christmas presents Leonora wrapped herself in a large white bath towel. ∎  clasp; embrace: she wrapped him in her arms. ∎  cover (the body) with a body wrap. ∎  cover (the fingernails) with a nail wrap.2. [tr.] (wrap something around) arrange paper or soft material around (someone or something), typically as a covering or for warmth or protection: wrap the bandage around the injured limb. ∎  place an arm, finger, or leg around (someone or something): he wrapped an arm around her waist. ∎ inf. crash a vehicle into (a stationary object): Richard wrapped his car around a telephone pole.3. [tr.] Comput. cause (a word or unit of text) to be carried over to a new line automatically as the margin is reached, or to fit around embedded features such as pictures. ∎  [intr.] (of a word or unit or text) be carried over in such a way.4. [intr.] inf. finish filming or recording: we wrapped on schedule three days later.• n. 1. a loose outer garment or piece of material. ∎  [as adj.] denoting a garment having one part overlapping another; wraparound: a wrap skirt. ∎  paper or soft material used for wrapping: plastic food wrap. ∎  (usu. wraps) fig. a veil of secrecy maintained about something, esp. a new project: details of the police operation are being kept under wraps.2. [usu. in sing.] inf. the end of a session of filming or recording: right, it's a wrap.3. a sandwich in which the filling is rolled in a soft tortilla.4. short for body wrap. ∎ short for nail wrap.PHRASES: be wrapped up in be so engrossed or absorbed in (something) that one does not notice other people or things.PHRASAL VERBS: wrap up (also wrap someone up) put on (or dress someone in) warm clothes: wrap up warm Tim was well wrapped up against the weather.wrap something up complete or conclude a discussion or agreement: they hope to wrap up negotiations within sixty days. ∎  win a game or competition: Australia wrapped up the series 4–0.