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wed / wed/ • v. (wed·ding; past and past part. wed·ded or wed) [tr.] chiefly formal or archaic get married to: he was to wed the king's daughter. ∎  [intr.] get married: they wed a week after meeting | (be wed) after a three-month engagement, they were wed in London. ∎  give or join in marriage: will you wed your daughter to him? ∎  [as adj.] (wedded) of or concerning marriage: a celebration of 25 years' wedded bliss. ∎  combine (two factors or qualities, esp. desirable ones): in this recording he weds an excellent program with a distinctive vocal style. ∎  (be wedded to) be obstinately attached or devoted to (an activity, belief, or system): foreign policy has remained wedded to outdated assumptions.

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