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ver·y / ˈverē/ • adv. used for emphasis: ∎  in a high degree: very large very quickly | very much so. ∎  used to emphasize that the following description applies without qualification: the very best quality | his very own car.• adj. actual; precise (used to emphasize the exact identity of a particular person or thing): those were his very words he might be phoning her at this very moment transformed before our very eyes. ∎  emphasizing an extreme point in time or space: from the very beginning of the book at the very back of the skull. ∎  with no addition of or contribution from anything else; mere: the very thought of drink made him feel sick. ∎ archaic real; genuine: the very God of Heaven.PHRASES: not very1. in a low degree: “Bad news?” “Not very.” 2. far from being: I'm not very impressed.the very idea! see idea.the very same see same.very good (or well) an expression of consent.