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to·ward / tôrd; t(ə)ˈwôrd/ • prep. (also to·wards / tôrdz; t(ə)ˈwôrdz/ ) 1. in the direction of: I walked toward the front door. ∎  getting closer to achieving (a goal): an irresistible move toward freedom. ∎  close or closer to (a particular time): toward the end of April.2. as regards; in relation to: he was warm and tender toward her our attitude toward death. ∎  paying homage to, esp. in a superficial or insincere way: he gave a nod toward the good work done by the fund.3. contributing to the cost of (something): the council provided a grant toward the cost of new buses.• adj. archaic going on; in progress: is something new toward?

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