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some / səm/ • adj. 1. an unspecified amount or number of: I made some money running errands he played some records for me.2. used to refer to someone or something that is unknown or unspecified: she married some newspaper magnate twice her age there must be some mistake he's in some kind of trouble.3. (used with a number) approximately: some thirty different languages are spoken.4. a considerable amount or number of: he went to some trouble I've known you for some years now.5. at least a small amount or number of: he liked some music but generally wasn't musical.6. expressing admiration of something notable: that was some goal. ∎  used ironically to express disapproval or disbelief: Mr. Power gave his stock reply. Some help.• pron. 1. an unspecified number or amount of people or things: here are some of our suggestions if you want whiskey I'll give you some.2. at least a small amount or number of people or things: surely some have noticed.• adv. inf. to some extent; somewhat: when you get to the majors, the rules change some.PHRASES: and then some inf. and plenty more than that: we got our money's worth and then some.some fewsee few.some little a considerable amount of: we are going to be working together for some little time yet.

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