Somebody Is Waiting

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Somebody Is Waiting ★½ 1996 (R)

Charlotte Ellis (Kinski) tries to be the best mom she can to her five kids after her abusive, drunken husband Roger (Byrne) finally abandons them. Eighteenyear-old Leon (Whitworth) seems to be headed down the same dark road after being arrested for drunk driving. Charlotte agrees to set up a bank account for Leon, if he'll move out, and is then killed in a robbery, where Leon is injured. Roger then shows up to look after his shattered family but it's only a matter of time before things get even worse. Pros Bryne and Kinski do what they can but the script is certainly no help. 90m/C VHS . Gabriel Byrne, Nastassja Kinski, Johnny Whitworth, Rebecca Gayheart, Shirley Knight, Brian Donovan; D: Martin Donovan; W: Martin Donovan; C: Greg Gardiner; M: Elia Cmiral.