Some Prefer Cake

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Some Prefer Cake ★★ 1997

Best friends Kira (Fontaine) and Sydney (Howley) are also roomies in San Francisco. Kira's stage fright prevents her from pursuing a career as a stand-up comedian and she's resentful when the material she wrote for her sister (Gonzalez) makes her a success. Kira's also got problems with a one-night stand turned stalker (Saito). Meanwhile, Syd is insisting everything is fine but she has career and boyfriend problems. Both women struggle with their co-dependency until realizing that the only way to move forward is to do it without clinging to each other. 95m/C DVD . Kathleen Fantaine, Tara Howley, Mimi Gonzalez, Machiko Saito, Desi del Valle, Leon Acord; D: Heidi Arnesen; W: Jeannie Kahaney; C: Matt Siegel.