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slant / slant/ • v. [intr.] slope or lean in a particular direction; diverge from the vertical or horizontal: a plowed field slanted up to the skyline | [as adj.] (slanting) the slanting beams of the roof. ∎  (esp. of light or shadow) fall in an oblique direction: the early sun slanted across the mountains. ∎  [tr.] cause (something) to lean or slope in such a way: slant your skis as you turn to send up a curtain of water. ∎  [tr.] [often as adj.] (slanted) present or view (information) from a particular angle, esp. in a biased or unfair way: slanted news coverage.• n. 1. [in sing.] a sloping position: the hedge grew at a slant cut flower stems on the slant.2. a particular point of view from which something is seen or presented: a new slant on science.3. inf., offens. a contemptuous term for an East Asian or Southeast Asian person.• adj. sloping: slant pockets.