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sat·is·fy / ˈsatisˌfī/ • v. (-fies, -fied) [tr.] meet the expectations, needs, or desires of (someone): I have never been satisfied with my job. ∎  fulfill (a desire or need): social services is trying to satisfy the needs of so many different groups. ∎  provide (someone) with adequate information or proof so that they are convinced about something: [tr.] people need to be satisfied that the environmental assessments are accurate. ∎  adequately meet or comply with (a condition, obligation, or demand): the whole team is working to satisfy demand. ∎  Math. (of a quantity) make (an equation) true. ∎  pay off (a debt or creditor): there was insufficient collateral to satisfy the loan.DERIVATIVES: sat·is·fi·a·bil·i·ty / ˌsatisˌfīəˈbilitē/ n.sat·is·fi·a·ble adj.