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ring·er1 / ˈringər/ • n. 1. inf. an athlete or horse fraudulently substituted for another in a competition or event. ∎  a person's or thing's double, esp. an impostor: he's a ringer for the French actor Fernandel. ∎  a person who is highly proficient at a particular skill or sport and is brought in to supplement a team or group of people: league eligibility rules had grown flexible to accommodate new teams, and ringers began suiting up.2. a person who rings something, esp. a bell-ringer. ∎  a device for ringing a bell, esp. on a telephone.ring·er2 1. in certain games, a tossed object that encircles its intended target, in particular: ∎  a tossed horseshoe that encircles the stake: you never forget the sound of your first ringer. ∎  a tossed quoit that encircles the peg.2. a game of marbles in which the target marbles are placed in the center of a circular area.