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re·pose1 / riˈpōz/ • n. temporary rest from activity, excitement, or exertion, esp. sleep or the rest given by sleep: in repose her face looked relaxed. ∎  a state of peace: the repose of the soul of the dead man. ∎  composure: he had lost none of his grace or his repose. ∎  Art harmonious arrangement of colors and forms, providing a restful visual effect.• v. [intr.] be lying, situated, or kept in a particular place: the diamond now reposes in the Louvre. ∎  lie down in rest: how sweetly he would repose in the four-poster bed. ∎  [tr.] (repose something on/in) poetic/lit. lay something to rest in or on (something): I'll go to him, and repose our distresses on his friendly bosom. ∎  [tr.] archaic give rest to: he halted to repose his wayworn soldiers.DERIVATIVES: re·pose·ful / -fəl/·pose·ful·ly / -fəlē/·pose2 • v. [tr.] (repose something in) place something, esp. one's confidence or trust, in: we have never betrayed the trust that you have reposed in us.