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re·cip·ro·cate / riˈsiprəˌkāt/ • v. 1. [tr.] respond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one: the favor was reciprocated | [intr.] perhaps I was expected to reciprocate with some remark of my own. ∎  experience the same (love, liking, or affection) for someone as that person does for oneself: her passion for him was not reciprocated.2. [intr.] [usu. as adj.] (reciprocating) (of a part of a machine) move backward and forward in a straight line: a reciprocating blade.DERIVATIVES: re·cip·ro·ca·tion / riˌsiprəˈkāshən/·cip·ro·ca·tor / -ˌkātər/ n.

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