Rechter, Yacov

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Rechter, Yacov (1924–2001). Israeli architect, son of the Russian-born architect Ze'ev Rechter (1899–1960—one of the principal Modernists in Palestine in the 1930s (e.g. the Corbusian apartment-block, Bet Engle, Tel Aviv (1933) ), with whom he was in partnership from 1950. He established his own office in 1973, designing many hotels, offices, educational buildings, etc. Among his works may be cited the Mivtachim Resort Hotel, Zikhron Ya'aqov (1966–8), the Carmel Hospital, Haifa (1976–8), the Central Library, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem (1979–81), the expansion of Mendelsohn's Hadassah Hospital, also Mount Scopus, of the same period, the Promenade and Waterfront development, Tel Aviv (1970–85), the Discount Bank Computer and Administration Centre, Tel Aviv (1979–82), and the Graduate School of Business Administration, Technion, Haifa (1981–5).


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