Reckless 1997

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Reckless ★★★ 1997

British TV production's a combo of farce, romance, and drama that finds young doctor Owen Springer (Green) returning to Manchester to look after his feistybutailing father (Bradley). He has a chance meeting with a beautiful middleaged woman on the train, and then Anna Fairley (Annis) turns out to be his job interviewer. Reckless Owen falls impulsively in love—before learning Anna is also the wife of his new boss, Dr. Richard Crane (Kitchen). This doesn't deter Owen, and when he learns Crane is having an affair, Owen arranges for Anna to discover her husband's infidelity. Naturally, this leads to Owen and Anna hitting the sheets and things get very complicated. 312m/C VHS, DVD . GB Robson Green, Francesca Annis, Michael Kitchen, David Bradley, Julian RhindTutt, Daniela Nardini, Margery Mason, Conor Mullen; D: David Richards, Sarah Harding; W: Paul Abbott. TV