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re·al·ly / ˈrē(ə)lē/ • adv. 1. in actual fact, as opposed to what is said or imagined to be true or possible: so what really happened? they're not really my aunt and uncle| really, there are only three options. ∎  used to add strength, sincerity, or seriousness to a statement or opinion: I really want to go I'm sorry, Ruth, I really am you really ought to tell her. ∎  seriously (used in questions and exclamations with an implied negative answer): do you really expect me to believe that?2. very; thoroughly: I think she's really great a really cold day he writes really well.• interj. used to express interest, surprise, or doubt: “I've been working hard.” “Really?” ∎  used to express mild protest: really, Marjorie, you do jump to conclusions! ∎  used to express agreement: “It's a nightmare finding somewhere to live in this town.” “Yeah, really.”PHRASES: really and truly used to emphasize the sincerity of a statement or opinion: I sometimes wonder whether you really and truly love me.

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