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quiz1 / kwiz/ • n. (pl. quiz·zes ) a test of knowledge, esp. a brief, informal test given to students.• v. (quiz·zes, quizzed , quiz·zing ) [tr.] (often be quizzed) ask (someone) questions: four men have been quizzed about the murder. ∎  give (a student or class) an informal test or examination.quiz2 archaic • v. (quiz·zes , quizzed , quiz·zing ) [tr.] 1. look curiously or intently at (someone) through or as if through an eyeglass: deep-set eyes quizzed her in the candlelight. 2. make fun of: he says there's a great deal of poetry in brewing beer, but of course he's only quizzing us.• n. (pl. quiz·zes) 1. a practical joke or hoax; a piece of banter or ridicule: I am impatient to know if the whole be not one grand quiz. ∎  a person who ridicules another; a hoaxer or practical joker: braving the ridicule with which it pleased the quizzes to asperse the husband chosen for her. 2. a person who is odd or eccentric in character or appearance: she means to marry that quiz for the sake of his thousands.DERIVATIVES: quiz·zer n.