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per·son·al·ly / ˈpərsənəlē/ • adv. 1. with the personal presence or action of the individual specified; in person: she stayed to thank O'Brien personally. ∎  used to indicate that a specified person and no other is involved in something: he never forgave his father, holding him personally responsible for this betrayal. ∎  used to indicate that one knows or has contact with someone in person rather than indirectly through their work, reputation, or a third party: they had made conclusions without getting to know me personally.2. from someone's personal standpoint or according to their particular nature; in a subjective rather than an objective way: he had spoken personally and emotionally. ∎  used to emphasize that one is expressing one's personal opinion: personally, I think he made a very sensible move. ∎  with regard to one's personal and private rather than public or professional capacity: nothing had gone well personally or politically.PHRASES: take something personally interpret a remark or action as directed against oneself and be upset or offended by it, even if that was not the speaker's intention: I took it personally when he yelled at the class.