Persons Unknown

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Persons Unknown ★★ 1996

Melodramatic noir with a decent cast. Disgraced ex-cop Jim Holland (Mantegna) now runs a security firm in Long Beach, CA. He has a one-nighter with foxy Amanda (Lynch) and wakes up to discover she's stolen confidential files. So, with colleague Cake (Walsh), he tracks Amanda down and discovers that she and her wheelchair-bound sister, Molly (Watts), are planning a robbery that involves ripping off Columbian drug lords. But, as usual, nothing works out as intended. 99m/C VHS . Joe Mantegna, Kelly Lynch, J.T. Walsh, Naomi Watts, Xander Berkeley, Jon Favreau, Channon Roe, Michael Nicolosi; D: George Hickenlooper; W: Craig Smith; C: Richard Crudo; M: Ed Tomney.