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o·ri·ent / ˈôrēˌənt/ • n. 1. (the Orient) poetic/lit. the countries of Asia, esp. eastern Asia.2. the special luster of a pearl of the finest quality. ∎  a pearl with such a luster.• adj. poetic/lit. situated in or belonging to the east; oriental. ∎  (of the sun, daylight, etc.) rising. ∎  (esp. of precious stones) lustrous (with reference to fine pearls from the East).• v. / ˈôrēˌent/ 1. [tr.] (often be oriented) align or position (something) relative to the points of a compass or other specified positions: the fires are oriented in direct line with the midsummer sunset. ∎  adjust or tailor (something) to specified circumstances or needs: magazines oriented to the business community| [as adj., in comb.] (-oriented) market-oriented economic reforms. ∎  guide (someone) physically in a specified direction.2. (orient oneself) find one's position in relation to new and strange surroundings: there are no street names that would enable her to orient herself.