Oribe, Manuel

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Manuel Oribe (mänwĕl´ ōrē´bā), d. 1857, president of Uruguay (1834–38). After serving with José Gervasio Artigas, he became one of the Thirty-three Immortals who raised the standard of independence under Juan Lavalleja. He succeeded Fructuoso Rivera as president and became friendly with the Argentine dictator, Juan Manuel de Rosas. He lost the support of Rivera, who revolted (1836) and forced him to resign (1838). With the help of Lavalleja and Rosas, the exiled Oribe began the long civil war that nearly destroyed Uruguay. It was marked especially by the eight-year siege (1843–51) of Montevideo, but a combined force of Brazilians, rebellious Argentines under Urquiza, and the besieged (the Colorados) finally defeated Oribe's party (the Blancos).