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no·where / ˈnōˌ(h)we(ə)r/ • adv. not in or to any place; not anywhere: plants and animals found nowhere else in the world | Andrea is nowhere to be found. • pron. 1. no place: there was nowhere for her to sit | there's nowhere better to experience the wonders of the Rockies. 2. a place that is remote, uninteresting, or nondescript: a stretch of road between nowhere and nowhere | [as n.] the town is a particularly American nowhere. • adj. inf. having no prospect of progress or success: she's involved in a nowhere affair with a married executive. PHRASES: from (or out of) nowhere appearing or happening suddenly and unexpectedly: he materialized a taxi out of nowhere. get (or go) nowhere make no progress: I'm getting nowhere—maybe I should give up | the project was going nowhere fast. get someone nowhere be of no use or benefit to someone: being angry would get her nowhere. nowhere near not nearly: he's nowhere near as popular as he used to be. a road to nowhere a situation or course of action offering no prospects of progress or advancement.