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lunge1 / lənj/ • n. a sudden forward thrust of the body, typically with an arm outstretched to attack someone or seize something: he made a lunge at her. ∎  the basic attacking move in fencing, in which the leading foot is thrust forward with the knee bent while the back leg remains straightened. ∎  an exercise or gymnastic movement resembling the lunge of a fencer.• v. (lung·ing or lunge·ing) [intr.] make a lunge: the sequined guests lunged at the food John lunged forward and grabbed him by the throat. ∎  [tr.] make a sudden forward thrust with (a part of the body or a weapon): Billy lunged his spear at the fish.lunge2 • n. variant of longe.lunge3 • n. short for muskellunge.

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