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left-hand·ed • adj. 1. (of a person) using the left hand more naturally than the right: a left-handed batter. ∎  (of a tool or item of equipment) made to be used with the left hand: left-handed golf clubs. ∎  made or performed with the left hand: my left-handed scrawl.2. turning to the left; toward the left, in particular: ∎  (of a screw) advanced by turning counterclockwise. ∎ Biol. (of a spiral shell or helix) sinistral. ∎  (of a racecourse) turning counterclockwise.3. perverse: we take a left-handed pleasure in our errors. ∎  (esp. of a compliment) ambiguous.• adv. with the left hand: a significant number play the game left-handed.DERIVATIVES: left-hand·ed·ly adv. left-hand·ed·ness n.