Left Luggage

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Left Luggage ★½ 1998

Sticky family saga set in Antwerp, Belgium in 1972. Nonreligious college student Chaja (Fraser) is the daughter of Holocaust survivors (Sagebrecht and Schell), but has never sought to understand their ordeal or her religion. But that doesn't prevent her from taking a job as a nanny to a strict Hasidic family, the Kalmans. Carefree Chaja even manages to coax her mute four--year-old charge into speaking. She learns some lessons, the families learn some lessons (there's the prerequisite tragedy), and it's all so much unfortunate overkill. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Laura Fraser, Isabella Rossellini, Jeroen Krabbe, Maximilian Schell, Marianne Saegebrecht, Chaim Topol; D: Jeroen Krabbe; W: Edwin de Vries; C: Walther Vanden Ende; M: Henny Vrienten.