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jog / jäg/ • v. (jogged , jog·ging ) 1. [intr.] run at a steady gentle pace, esp. on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise: he began to jog along the road | [as n.] (jogging) try cycling or gentle jogging. ∎  (of a horse) move at a slow trot. ∎  move in an unsteady way, typically slowly: the bus jogged and jolted. ∎  (jog along/on) continue in a steady, uneventful way: our marriage worked, and we jogged along. 2. [tr.] nudge or knock slightly: a hand jogged his elbow. • n. 1. a spell of jogging: his morning jog. ∎  [in sing.] a gentle running pace: he set off along the bank at a jog. 2. a slight push or nudge. PHRASES: jog someone's memory cause someone to remember something suddenly.DERIVATIVES: jog·ger n.

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