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hire / hīr/ • v. [tr.] 1. employ (someone) for wages: management hired and fired labor in line with demand. ∎  employ for a short time to do a particular job: don't hire a babysitter who's under 16 | [as adj.] (hired) a hired assassin. ∎  (hire oneself out) make oneself available for temporary employment: he hired himself out as a laborer.2. chiefly Brit. obtain the temporary use of (something) for an agreed payment; rent: she had to hire a dress for the wedding. ∎  (hire something out) grant the temporary use of something for an agreed payment.• n. 1. the action of hiring someone or something.2. a recently recruited employee: new hires go through six months of training.PHRASES: for (or on) hire available to be hired.DERIVATIVES: hire·a·ble (also hir·a·ble) adj.hir·er n.

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